JMP • Jonathan Martinet Photography

I have been passionate about photography since I was a little boy, thanks to my childhood. The artistic side is very present in my family. My mother is a creative person: she loves to paint and make ornaments and decorations for around the house. My father was a professional photographer traveling to take pictures of different sports, from muddy race car rallies to tennis championships. I developed my interest of photography over years of seeing my father in action and the resultant prints. My brother also caught the photography bug having developed a keen interest in photography with his own business as well.

For a while, nature was a fantastic escape for our family. For many years, we were gone almost every summer, especially to the Pyrenees, a large mountain range between France and Spain. Since then, my passion for adventure and photography has followed me.

JMP (originally QK Media) was launched following the creation of QK Shop (triathlon store), back in 2013. As an enthusiast triathlete myself, I was going to events and shooting professional & age group athletes. My action shots caught the interest of many participants: QK Media was born and integrated to QK Shop as a media division. JMP is now independant from QK Media and both are workly closely together to bring a new experience to its clientele.